Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life. Lilly. And The Pursuit Of Happiness.

Life. Lilly. And The Pursuit Of Happiness
So, I have a new obsession: Looking4lilly headbands made with vintage Lilly Pulitzer fabric from the 60s & 70s. I love Vintage and I love Lilly Pulitzer, and I just adore Vintage Lilly Pulitzer, in fact i collect it. But, anyway Im loving thesse headbands and everything else looking4lilly makes: ponytail holders etc. And the creater of look4lilly that makes all the goods couldn't be any sweeter, she is a real pleasure to do buissness with. Her headbands are very affordable too, at just $8 a headband plus shipping- she also offers variety packs(which i bought) and they are even less a piece when you order them in "bulk". Check out what's going on over there!And say that i sent you! @ looking4lilly on Now, i can't decide which on to wear tomorrow! I will survive.....until next time.


  1. How sweet of you. I bet they look adorable on you! Thanks Jenna.