Friday, May 7, 2010


Hello! sorry for my absence, this week has been crazy to say the least. My fashion show benefit is next saturday- ill fill you in another post.I know i have been trying to cut back on my shopping, but i couldn't resist. I needed, yes needed some shoes for the change of season. So i headed to Tar-get! take a peek at what i came home with:

Miss Trish ! fabulous - i wore these today and got many compliments. Not used to the toe slide thing almost tripped today, and was close to losing a shoe while driving oopps! once i break them in there will be no more shoe mishaps.

classic & cute , and the pearl! i just knew i had to have these when i saw them!
love these! i actually have a seahorse necklace that matches these exactly, so yes this was a must have!

i needed new pumps, i have Delman leather ones that i adore but put my feet in excruitiating pain every time i wear them, i have come to the conclusion that they are too tight. I didnt think to pick up pumps at target but these were so nice, and yes comfortable! and as a bonus super cheap!

okay, ill admit i didnt need these but they are so cute. a cross between casual & dressy but fashion foward all at the same time. I love to wear heels but impossible for when im at school, this is a way for me to get a wear a "heel" but with the comfort and casual asthetic of a flat. I'm head over heels for these i already wore them three times this week.

So now i confessed.....I have a surprise in store for all of you very soon- i will be presenting my "lilly" work of art! thats all im telling you! until next time.....



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