Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lancome Love

So last night i was bad, i caved at the Lancome Counter big time. Check out some of my goodies. What Lured me back to the counter was after buying a self tanning gel & eyeliner 2 weeks ago that i fell in love with i just-had to return to buy another , or two.

The Gift was to die for, i just had to have it. A paris themed tote- they had me there they could have sold me dirt in a jar for all i cared as long as i got my tote i was happy. I wish i had this tote for Paris when i went. And i just love all the Minis, i have a drawer full that i have acumulated over time.
Now Lets talk about the eyeliner. In the past i never liked to wear eyeliner, i could never put it on correctly- which is beyond hysterical an artist that can't draw eyeliner straight. I tried everything, i was even fooled for a while thinking Benefit's Bad Gal was "My" product. But no nothing , i mean nothing compares to this eyeliner, its smooth , easy to put on even for the eyeliner challenged, and it never has to be sharpened- its always perfectly pointed. its available in a wide variety of colors- Bronze is my favorite, its a combo of brown with flecks of goldtone in it. Last night i picked up Plum. This eyeliner is worth every penny, just think you are helping our awful economy with each one you buy.

Calling all Pale girls. I do not tan, its not part of my genetic makeup. I blame my father, his side of the family is pale. Spray tans never worked for me, i tried all the drugstore self tanners and each and everyone turned me a lovely shade of orange. I was not into spending $40 something dollars on yet another product that will turn me into a pumpkin. But then i was reading Lucky one day and read a review on this , and the user was pale like me. So i went to the lancome counter , got another free gift! Yesterday i tried it for the first time, i picked a friday in case i turned orange i wouldn't have to come to school looking ridiculous. Well guess what? i'm not orange, i look like a normally tanned person- im a tad blochcy because i didnt exfoliate before- next time i must exfoliate.
Don't walk, run to your Lancome Counter! LOL

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