Friday, May 14, 2010

My Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Creation

Good Evening! Drumrolll please after hours and hours of hard work, and sleepless nights i am presenting to you the Lilly Napkin dress. My challenge for fashion class was to cover a dress using materials away from the fabric category, and to try to repourpose your materials uniquley. so i was inspired by the Bel air dress ( jubilee collection - last year i think) - thats how i modeled the layout. So for weeks my hands were sore from glittering scrunching bunching gluing the paper napkin rosettes onto this dress ,i did the same with the "lace" on top. Some of the napkins are Lilly but i was unable to find enough to cover the dress so i had to supplement with other printed napkins.The last step was the dusting of Martha Stewart Glitter- love that stuff!I really pleased how this came out. She will be modeled in the show at the benefit tomorrow by my friend. Can't wait for its debut!

Front view
close up, note the lilly juice stand print napkins

back view

side view

matching headband!!!
Enjoy your saturday- i can't wait for it to be morning too excitted to sleep. So are the little cousins LOL.
Until next time.....