Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Super Cool Party People

Hello all! my house is a mess, i'm exausted, and i'm working like a dog. Why? The Fashion show benefit i'm hosting for my baby cousin Julianna is in 2 days! Yikes! there are so many things left to do. I'm really excited 52 guests are coming , we got many generous raffles & donations. I know we are going to raise a nice amount for them to help with their medical bills. We are having five vendors too, so the guests can shop, snack, mingle & watch a fashion show put on my moi. Its going to be a fun afternoon spent with family & friends.
The kitchen counter- will be cleaned up soon
our merchandise table so far, a mix of things my mom & i made, and cookies donated by our family friend to be sold. & Looking4Lilly headbands will be sold too! Thanks again for donating the headbands Kristina!

our Raffle table, we have 21 raffles!
Must get back to work, will post more pictures asap! until next time....

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