Saturday, May 29, 2010


Thrift Shopping is my absolute favorite thing to do. I love digging for treasures, there's an art to it- its like a game. I have a knack for spotting the jewels within the piles of junk. Yesterday i picked up Seven For All Mankind Jeans & Joe's Jeans. The day before that I left with 2 pairs of Seven For All Mankind Jeans at another thrift shop. I have to say hands down my best thrift shop find was my 2 Vintage Chanels purchased for a mere $30 each. My mom & I snagged a beautiful piece of furniture for our living room yesterday also, you see we all love vintage here!
Here are the Do's & Don'ts of Thrift Shopping:
Do: Greet whomever you see coming in ( who works there)
Do: try to bargain, fairly not obnoxiusly " Can you do any better" - is what i usually ask
Do: look everywhere, overlook nowhere you never know what you will find
Don't: wear anything fancy, leave you Vuitton home- dress down or you will be charged more Seriously! this still happens to me ocasionally even when im dressed down !
Don't: buy something if you are not sure about it- you wont use it if you are in love with it
Don't: buy somthing just because its cheap, thats how you become a junk collector. Only buy if you will use & love or know someone who will!
Happy Thrifting!

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