Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Today it's a snow day! yea! its almost record breaking, you see our school never gives snow days, ever. last year there was an ice storm/ monsoon as i called it and we all had to schleepp to school anyway. So what did i do to pass the time? well first, i caught up on some much needed beauty sleep, and slept in till noon. We are in the process of renovating out den, into a art studio so we have to get all the crap out of this small room and figure out where to stick it anywhere else in the house. I forgot how much art supplies we have wow, but its a tad overwhelming. Everytime i go into the room to clean up a little more i feel ill, its just too much. I swear this room is going to be the death of me.
all in all though, snow is beautiful. A snow day is the perfect excuse to sit around eat cookies, have hot coco, and recharge. Guilty! i hope you enjoy your snow day! until next time....xoxoxo Jenna

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