Monday, February 15, 2010

Angela E. Matthews Jewelry

Angela E. Matthews Jewelry

( note: my Lilly Murfee scarf as backround)!

Over the weekend i went to a craft fair which i love,my favorite kind of mini mall because its all handmade, unique goods. Because i am an artist myself its hard to impress me.I'm kind of a shopping snob, i sew, paint, draw, sculpt, craft, bead- your stuff has to be great and different to catch my eye. Well, I was amazed when i stopped in front of The Angela E. Matthews jewelry booth, I mean i was speechless. My shopaholic alarm went off inside me and i knew i had to buy something, well two somethings. I got the pleasure of talking with the designer- Angela! and i loved how she reuses materials and re-vamps them- an aesthetic i use in a lot of my own work. I'm in love with the tape measure necklace a must for a sewer or anyone- the beads are painted! And the other necklace is trim! how clever. I already one of the necklaces & can't wait to wear the other one! Check out Angela's Etsy shop : & tell her I sent you!
Angela inspired me to take some old jewelry and re-purpose it into something new, what will she inspire you to do? Happy creating & crafting! until next time.....xoxoxo Jenna

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