Sunday, February 7, 2010

New York, New York

I love manhattan. I love the noise. I love how there are always people around. I love seeing every type of breed of dog on the streets. I love how there are shops everywhere. Can you tell that i just adore this city. Some may say that I am too ambitious but i plan to live in Manhattan. My dream is to have a georgous brownstone on the upper east side. The perfect mix of a house and apartment don't you think? I had a mini getaway to manhattan for the weekend, I stayed with my family friends. They have a georgous apartment on sutton place. I was in heaven. We shopped in Soho, i just love the cobblestone streets. I was wowed by the Prada store there- i spent most of the time drooling in there LOL. Funny how the dress i was coveting was on the cover of french vogue. Then we took a trip to Lilly Pulitzer on Madison, which is always a treat- a pink & green one that is. I love the lilly on madison- the rug is even in a lilly print! I left with a murfee scarf in one of the new spring prints, can't wait to wear tomorrow. Over leggings and sweater the murfee really brightens up a dreary winter day, and unlike a garment you can get away with wearing an accessory countless times. I'm a bit of a shoppaholic but I'm always a smart shopper- you can't rip me off i know my prices and always do my homework before buying something. Then we returned to the apartment and I used my crafting skills to help little Jesse make a valentine house. I watch the most touching movie on the hallmark channel last night, it was called front of the class- about a young man with tourettes syndrome that became a teacher despite all the obstacles he faces. It was so touching the movie brought tears to my eyes.
Anyway, after getting some beauty sleep much needed my getaway was nicely ended with brunch in the cuttest cafe. How i love manhattan! Can't wait to come back!
until next time...xoxoxoxo Jenna

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