Friday, February 11, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger Headquarters!

I couldn't concentrate during 2D class today because I was too excited, nervous nausea that I was going to Hilfiger Headquarters! My uncle sold Tommy Hilfiger's sister a car recently and I was magically put into contact with her and was generously invited to tour with my friends. Speechless. Where do I start? I practically almost past out on five occasions from sheer excitement.
 We got to see Tommy Hilfiger's office..we stood in front of his desk kinda amazing..his bathroom was amazing too we peeked in. My friend Sara said she really wanted to be like I have to go to the bathroom so she could tell people that she used Tommy Hilfiger's bathroom!
 inside the office with panoramic views of Chelsea piers
 Rolling stone pictures up on the walls inside the office

 mood boards
 Madeleine posing with some of the boards
 amazing mood board

 inside the spring 2012 Macy's showroom
 Fingers crossed, Betsy told me that my ressume was passed on to the PR department during our visit!
Also all our names were taken down as backups for extra hands at the show sunday ( Lincoln Center- Fashion Week) I swear to god if I get a call sunday morning that I'm going to work backstage at Hilfiger's show I will pass out.

 spring 2012- will be sold through Macy's

 striking a pose!

 Betsy told us all about how Tommy started, and lots of other cool tidbits of being the building cafeteria is a great place to pick up cute guys!

 We got to look inside the Tommy Hilfiger Vintage closet...I almost died
 inside the closet

 Sneak Peak of the new Tommy Line!
 must haves:

 amazing views..usually I'm deathly afraid of heights ..not today!
 The editorial Closet!!!

All of us with Betsy Hilfiger! 
Emmalee,Betsy,Mary,Me,Nicki,Maddie,Sara & Victoria! 
Cheers to many more exciting & exhilarating experiences together!
It was a amazing way to end the week! 
Also, Me & Nadia are featured on ( coverage from the Kimberly Taylor fall 2011 presentation) Take a peek here:

Gotta stop a minute to take a deep breath ..I'm up to my eyeballs with work, what's new?!


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