Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hang On For The Ride...

My workload and creating is getting to an insane, if even obscene level. I'm also having the time of my life creating all these wonderful things. Above is my book for lab & my new necklaces! did you all see my style guru bio on Monday my first real post is airing featuring my friend and fellow fashionista, Sara Peneberg. I'm super excited to have my writing, thoughts, and ideas be public. I love writing on my own blog , but its really cool to be blogging professionally too. I sported my Lilly Pulitzer corduroys in Master of the house the other day ...well now people know who I am because of the pants, alot of people thought they were pajama pants.. I think this is absolutely hysterical. I always make a splash everywhere I go and this is no exception.

Style On,



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