Thursday, February 24, 2011

Projects & Happenings Of The Week

 Words & Works sculpture...abstract representation of Kate Spade Tights...Baby gaga liked it, funny story for the past month I thought someone else in our class was Baby gaga..I had them mixed up...but the real Baby gaga liked my sculpture today and asked me a question about it...LOL
 side view...30 hot glue sticks , shells, glass shards, and a cut up pair of hue tights !
 Kate Spade Mood board for 2D class- had so much fun, even too much fun doing this!
 3D gloves board, which I have to re-do, apparently my 3D teacher is not a fan of collage.
 The glove! built-in watch, card pocket & lipstick compartment

 Got dolled up and trekked to Lincoln center to the ballet with the girls last night, I donned a black ruffle cocktail dress, Kate Spade tights & heels, white head wrap, & my vintage fur...didn't really concentrate on the dancing since Carolina Hererra & Anna Wintour were in the audience. Anna was in Alexander McQueen, and Carolina was in a amazing red coat with her adorable granddaughter. I was like five steps from her during intermission, I felt like I was going to hyperventilate.



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