Thursday, February 10, 2011

Every Favorite Moment.......

Its been an insane week, last minute as always things come up.. I got a private tour of the Alfred Dunner studio & offices with a friend yesterday...We ate lunch with the company people I felt very buissnessy...I channeled Blair Waldorf ..should have snapped a picture of my outfit & last night I got to go to The Kimberly Taylor Presentation, as a plus one with my friend and super intern Nadia. Today was my huge six hour nine credit class. Tired doesn't begin to describe how I feel, and after class tomorrow afternoon I'm visiting Tommy Hilfiger Headquarters with six of my friends.
 I had my picture taken on three occasions at the event last night, super exciting. I looked like a disco compared to everyone else last night ( why does everyone in new york wear plain black??!!) but just as I said that out loud, one of PR girls said she loved my look and now I could help her get blinged out. So, I was backstage helping this girl choose her jewelry, no big deal or anything. Loved the collection , the whole experience was so exciting and fun. Kimberly was so sweet. Can't wait to do a feature on her and her latest collection on CollegeFashionista!
From last night.....
 Nadia The Super Intern trying to light a cigarette while holding bags of ice
 When you don't have a improvise put ice and champagne in a sink!

 the makeup looks

 super intern fetching water!!

 Me & the designer herself Kimberly Taylor!!!
Lab class today! Mary playing with my classwork project LOL
P.s : Lady Gaga's little sister in in my lab class..little info tidbit for all of you
So I took a risk in this class I made a book covered in pearls, beads, fabric...that I put up on here last week the assignment was to do 40 2D- type drawings etc..I couldn't help myself I got out my makeup glitter and glue and never looked back...I knew it was borderline psychotic but I loved it and I wanted to make a was the moment of truth ...Mine was like no one Else's, which I love I hate having my work blend in ..and my teachers were floored. I was told that they were super impressed ! it was a awesome feeling. I'm a risk taker for every time it didn't turn out the way I hoped there's another time that it went so perfectly well. Take the risk , Jump in! The feeling is exhilerating. Its moments like this that make all of it worth it, and make me question less and less If I can really do this.
Deciding on my outfit for tomorrow's visit to Hilfiger !!!! Milly black & white printed shift, matching sweater topped with my black car coat..or Don a Lilly Pulitzer shift layered over a turtleneck & tights? ..I'm deffinitely going to be wearing my gold monogrammed necklace ..I don't think ill ever want to take it off!

Happy Fashion Week!!!



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