Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's In A Name?

 Jenna Rose Stern, named after my father's grandmother Rose. Almost named Gennarosa , yes with a G but my mother decided against that idea because the name would have screamed my mother is Italian and my father is Jewish! for forever I have been called Jennarose by close friends and family and its how I sign all cards and notes people I am close to. If you call me Jennarose it means you know me very well and or you have known me since I was little. I have always liked my name.Yes Jenna is a somewhat common name of my generation, but I have not been in close contact with any other Jenna's. Go figure.
My name is beautiful though, why you may ask? because yesterday a friend of mine told me so , and that there are no Jenna's in his country. What can I say, foreigners always have me at Hello.

How did you get your name?



  1. My sister's and I were all named after James Taylor Songs, and our middles names all start with a "G"! All of my closest friends and family call be Sarah Gould. Sarah is just way too common for me! It's a very southern thing to go by your first and middle name!