Saturday, November 27, 2010

The End Is Near

There are only three weeks left of first semester of foundation, I did it! I was organizing & taking pictures of my work the other day and thought I would share my stuff with all of you.
Welcome to Parsons

This was all 2D- two dimensional design class work.

Black Friday was a success , I got up at 4:30 am , left the house at 6:30 got all of my errands done by 9 am and by 2 pm I was officially able to say I got everyone on my list gifted and everything I needed and wanted.What were my amazing finds of the day? I scored two dolce & gabana bras for $25 each, & juicy couture pajama pants for $27! I also left with some kate spade tights, & a whole new wardrobe of beautiful underpinnings compliments of calvin klein.
Enjoy the weekend, I'm going to savor the last of the weekend I have left in Long Island..heading back to the city sunday can't wait. As much as I love coming home, I just don't feel the same I'm a city girl!



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