Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Paris Shopping Part Un

Bonjour! I'm still a little jetlagged but i managed to post some pictures of what i bought in Paris, also refered to as the biggest shopping expedition of my life. I had so much fun not only buying the items but strolling around the quaint little neighborhoods that the boutiques were in. Enjoy! & have a cup of cafe au lait & a croissant for me!
Linen Scarf with crochet trim - purchased from Nina Kendosa boutique. Bought the same one for my BFF Gaballa.

Crochet tier tunic & mesh/crochet trim scarf from Nina Kendosa also.

Military cotton bolero purchased from a clothing stand on the streets of Paris, as you can maybe guess this was a real steal!

Another Military-esque piece,purchased from a darling little shop in Momarte.

Adorable frock- purchased on the streetsof Paris! (Notice the overflowing closet in the backround)As if this was all i bought! More Pictures of my purchases & Adventures
from my fabulous fashion filled vacation!
Until next time.........
xoxoxo Jenna

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