Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Back!

I'm Back!
I took the day off today to unpack & rest.I am completley exausted and thrown off from the time difference- Jet Lagged!I'm exausted i don't know how these jet setters do it! I have much to post about! Paris was amazing & a tripi will never forget. I can't believe its over, its definitley a place i would love to go back to. Here is a picture of me on Easter in front of Versailles, the home of the late Marie Antoinette & Louis the 16th- i think there were so many of them. Of Course i'm in Lilly. I'm wearing the Livie dress with a Calvin Klein jacket & scarf , and my prized vintage Chanel Bag- that i got for $30 at a thrift shop! talk about a deal of the century i'm 95% sure its authentic i never got around to getting it looked at by Chanel. I must go catch up on my beauty sleep & finish unpacking. I packed way too much stuff i need to take a packing 101 class & on top of everything i bought . My dad wanted to kill me in the airport when he had to carry everything- didn't help that i bought a bunch of magazines in the terminal before the flight LOL.

Avoir for now! Until next time....xoxoxo Jenna

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