Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy to hear that others think my headband Line has a real chance! The casting call is on March 25th, I still have alot of gluing, tying,pinning, draping,tacking to do but I'm super excited! I have my samples done, I know what direction and theme of the collection I want to stick with.
I finally named my headbands..they're on my facebook page. If you haven't had a headband named after you don't fret..there are still others in development! 

I've been doing some fashion illustrations the last few days forgot how much I missed these..test drove a new set of pens ,oh how I love the smell of new art supplies...I can do just as much damage at a art supply store than Lilly Pulitzer or Bloomingdale's!

Off to pack and clean this shitshow of a room...heading back to Manhattan tomorrow! 

Still working on my first assignment for
So excited to be the new style contributor for the Parson's Page...So now I guess that means I'm a style guru? I like that , maybe I should get that put on business cards or has a ring.
It always breaks my heart to leave all my purses behind...I know, I know as if thats the worst thing I should go through, but still...

Cheers To Round Two!



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