Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Its Cold Outside.....

NYC is a winter wonderland, it started last night...we had a snow day 6 hour lab class!I was sleeping when my friend Sara pulled me out of bed to see the snow, we didn't go to bed until 3 am playing & frolicking in the snow. We had a huge snowball fight, then ran upstairs into our friends room hanging out the window while the boys tried to throw snowballs at us. It was like out of a movie, hysterical. Ashley Olsen lives on my block, we saw her driver bring her home ,..but they went around the block a few times because me and Sara chased the car and yelled " Ashhlleeyyy!!" - whoopps! 

I have the lucky amazing opportunity to meet Betsy Hilfiger & tour Tommy Hilfiger headquarters in a few weeks. I'm so so so excited...counting down the seconds!
keep your eye open my style guru bio is going up on any day now!

Loves it!



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