Saturday, December 18, 2010

Every Favorite Moment, Every Panic Attack, Every Door Left Unopened.....

I'm physically & mentally exhausted from the last four months of my life. Its been quite a ride. I'm half way through the foundation program, kinda crazy I feel like I just got here yesterday. The last four months have changed me in so many ways that I never knew would be possible. Oh, the stories I have I could write a book.I think I have cried harder than I have ever in my life here.It feels so good to know there are no deadlines for the next five weeks. My To Do list is currently blank for the first time in I don't even know how long.I'm looking forward to going home for the holidays, back to longIsland only a hour away but a whole different world.To all my friends, Cheers to many more adventures & hysterical times together. Each and everyone of you have brought laughter & happiness into my life.I'm so blessed that I finally found my " Tribe". See you all in the spring, when it all begins again.

Some Highlights from Foundation Year Fall Semester:

 Milly Show
 Maddie & I all dressed up for the Milly show!

 Walking the walk in my over the knee platform boots, sporting a original Jenna Stern Bag.Those boots were painful! had to do a shoe change in the street, good chance I flashed 57th street while changing my shoes.
 Posing with my purse
 Andrea Take Two
 The Tree At Rockefeller
Madeleine rocking her santa hat
 Madeleine, Gabi & Jaylin
 Jaylin & Me!
 Take Two!
 Classy Bitches!
 The Gang
 Henri Bendel Watercolor found in store
 My Marc Jacobs jewelry case debut!
 Mikaela & Me

Every favorite moment, every panic attack, every door left unopened this is my crazy beautiful life & I wouldn't change a minute of it.



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  2. Good job! I know you're so relieved! Enjoy your break!
    P.S. Got my goodies! Love them so much... enjoying the mug now :)

    xx, SGL

  3. glad you got them! sorry it took so long to get to you xoxo