Monday, December 20, 2010


2010 has been life changing, eyeopening, & exhilarating.

This year has taught me:

Our obstacles are our greatest teachers.

To take nothing for granted, nothing.

You can't change how others act, only how you react.

That nothing is handed to you, you gotta work your tail off to get to the top.

To listen to your inner voice, its always right.

& To dream as if there are no limits but the sky, you may just get your wish.

2010 has brought me:

Fits of hysterical laughter

More friends than I have ever had in my life.

To a amazing city that I now call home.

More strength & tenacity that I ever knew I had.

Let's talk new year resolutions, I was reading UK Cosmopolitan and I found a list of 75 things to do before you die, or lets just say in the new year. I won't bore you all with all 75 but I'll share some that I have done or just  thought were really funny.

Spend over $500 on something designer, because your worth it and don't be scared to let it out of the house.

Discover the reason your parents are so irritating is because they love you so much.

Kiss someone highly inappropriate.

While your at it, sleep with someone highly inappropriate too.

Do something kind for someone else when there's nothing in it for you.

Buy a pair of killer heels that you can't walk in.

learn how to take a compliment, yes you do look that gorgeous.

call your family just to tell them you love them.

raise $1000 for charity.

get your dream job, or into your dream school. Yes. You. Can.

Live in the heart of a city.

Own something from Prada.

Ask a hot man on a date, or to dance, or to kiss you. gotta take risks, so what if he says no?

See him, Want him, get him, keep him. Yes Mr. Right does exist, you just haven't met him yet.

To all the people that have made the last four months of my life Crazy. Beautiful.

Madeleine : My Paparazzi flocking partner in crime. My Reese Witherspoon look-a-like " manager".

Andrea: My Jersey Girl, I knew we would be  friends after you dragged me out of the stairwell after my big trip down in my clogs!

Nadia: You have brought much needed fits of hysterical laughter in my days.

Sara: Without you my life would lack cuteness, love blasting & singing my heart out to Taylor Swift with you in the hallway.

Victoria: My first friend in the big apple, love how we met on facebook. Hey I read in Cosmo that's not weird at all.

Jonah: My Little bitch, you're right I'm a princess & always will be.

Mikaela & Amanda : My "Hooers" love going out with you guys , it's always a blast!

Trey: The Grammar police & my personal dictionary.

Steven: You're hysterical.

Mary: Love coming to visit you after " Going out to dinner".

Liv & Allison: Love hanging out in your room watching hysterical YouTube videos, and eating takeout while attempting to do photoshop work.

Octavio: You're funny & I always love talking to you.

Anna: You're my best audience & listener on everything.

Jaylin & Gabi: Love sitting in Maddie's room talking & laughing with you two!

Joey: So glad we met ! that lunch the day before thanksgiving break was quite unforgettable, huh?

Mengs: I'm positive I have the best roommate, & were all so proud of your totes getting in teen vogue!

Can't wait to catch up with all of you in the spring! Cheers to what 2011 hold for all of us, I'm excited to see......

Happy Holidays! I'm taking a bit of a blogging break, Ill "see" you all in the new year!


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