Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Confession: I Survived Foundation

The Tears, The Laughs, The Loses, The Triumphs...We Did It.

 Its been one hell of a year, ill tell you that
 The people that have come into my life, good and bad I've taken it all in stride.
 I'm thankful for the friendships I've made, and mourning the ones I've lost this year.
 All that matters Is I'm laughing louder, and smiling harder lately
 My Mother, My biggest Cheerleader, Supporter, Confidant....
 .... The one person in this world that I completely trust.
 and In case your wondering...The Boyfriend totally passed the parent's test!
 My Parents, The two people that have always put my needs and wants first, making everyone of my           dreams big or small a reality. I'm realizing more than ever how lucky I really am .

So what's next? I officially resigned from my style column on CollegeFashionistaDotCom Friday, I'm opening new doors of opportunity as the new NYC based intern for Velvet Brigade. One Door Closes, Another One Opens- I'm a big believer in this mantra.

Style On,

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