Sunday, April 3, 2011

Can We Please Talk About What Happened This Weekend

List of events I a. took part in, or b. witnessed take place:

1. Going to Forever 21 in tights, black pumps and a trench coat to get a hot club outfit
2. kissing two italians
3. dancing on a bar, someone falling off the bar
4. peeing oneself in a tjmaxx changing room from laughing too hard.
5. throwing up in a restaurant bathroom the morning after
6. going on a double date, one of them not speaking one word of english from Mesopotamia. Yes Mesopotamia.
7. almost throwing up in one's pocketbook on two occasions from watching Black Swan. The pocketbook was Louis Vuitton by the way.
8. back gropping.
9. ass gropping resulting in grabbing of the hands of some guy and slapping him on the dance floor.
10. marks left in unmentionable places.

Cheers to next weekend ladies!



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