Saturday, March 26, 2011

Here's The Story....

Its been a very overstimulating week with me ending up in bed covered from head to toe in hives

Words & Works : Lab / Crit R &W

Ink, Glitter,Glue, Collage

from left to right, : Sara, Me, Bethenny! & Nicki
Tuesday night Me & the girls treked to the Barnes & Noble in Union Square to the Bethenny Frankel Booksigning, for A Place Of Yes. I read the book cover to cover that night, I was hooked it was inspirationally amazing. She was so sweet , she told me she loved my headband & I told her I made it. I gave her one too! If she ever wears it on her show I'll cry, scream, pass out , then wake up and do it all again.


The day finally came for Henri Bendel's Casting call! My parents got up at 3 am drove into the city to get me at 5:30 am to get in line. My parents are extroadinarily crazy for doing this for me. I was very cold and excited, when from the corner of my eye I noticed someone and my stomach dropped. I noticed  someone on line..hidding. someone that snuck out of our room an hour before me, made her bed to look like she was sleeping and beat me in line at bendels behind my back. The best part was she was hiding behind a pole in a ski mask. beyond hysterical. What If your roommate did this? picture this- Then my crazy mother took out the camera and  snapped a picture of this person hiding behind the pole...  then getting our new friends on line to stare this person down along with my mother HA! I love my mother , always quick witted and doing inapropriately hysterical things at the perfect time. While on line I got interviewed by! which if you know me well, you know I read it daily. We went it, It was a little scary a guy in a suit took my headbands, started stretching them in his hands while wispering to someone else about them. The Verdict: I was told my headbands might be too high end for Henri Bendel, normally selling headbands for  $68-$98, the woman I spoke to thought mine if placed in the store would be a retail value of $450. Did I get a yes? Did I get a no? ..I got a maybe. My information was taken and who knows I might get a email..or not. either way It was exciting. Plus now I feel its time to take on Etsy full force I finally got a positive professional opinion on my headbands. 

The Line 

Nice ladies we met on line from Atlanta, Georgia
Me, Freezing my ass off waiting on line
" someone" hiding behind a pole
Me & my mother right before going in!

The Basket Of Headbands! 

Me & Sara were discussing names for my headband line and I'm really liking , Namesake. What do we think about this? I love hearing from all of you! 

I'm worn out, need to rest up I got seven weeks left of Foundation. This week I very enthusiastically declared my major as Fashion Design.Officially.



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